The first four years I was a youth pastor there was lots going on but without a clear strategy there was little fruit. Then a wise and strategic mentor help me lay down tracks for my ministry that changed everything for me, and resulted in a long and effective youth ministry career. I now have the privilege of offering my experience and learnings to other youth pastors. Having an experienced mentor can make our time and effort much more effective and way more fun!

For Youth Pastors

  • Youth Ministry Cadres – small group Youth Pastor mentoring
  • Individual / short term youth ministry consulting
  • Coaching on implementing an effective youth ministry strategy
  • Evaluation of existing youth ministries
  • Soul Care

He added structure, vision, momentum and leadership to every part of a student ministry that is now strong and growing.

Chris Wiersman, Lead Pastor – Westside Kings

We now have a successful and sustainable youth program, as well as an ongoing coach and mentor for our current youth pastor.

Bobby Thirsk – Westside Kings Church

To explore youth pastor mentoring and youth ministry consulting for your church, contact Randy.