We have all had “The Talk”

You know, the awkward one about sex. Maybe it was a parent, a teacher, youth leader or a friend.

Ever wonder how far is too far? Why save sex for Marriage? What  God thinks about sex?

Randy talks about sex in an open, honest, funny, no holds barred way that not once mentions the “Birds and Bees” or any other stuff people say when embarrassed. This is quite possibly the best sex talk you will ever hear!

What other have to say about Microwaves and Crockpots

(Randy) answered questions that I didn’t want to ask my friends or parents – Grade 10 girl

What we need is what Randy gives – Grade 10 guy

Awesome. Very direct and very real – Youth leader

 Freakin’ amazing! It’s a great new outlook on God’s opinion of sex and it’s very, very useful – Grade 10 girl


DVD – $19.99