12108245_543484189135580_8821780331515892443_nRandy Carter has a passion for student ministry, in fact he says. ”Why would anyone choose to work with adults when they can work with students?” His unique blend of humour and direct approach to truth allows him to captivate the listener and drive home the truth in a relevant and meaningful way.

Randy has been involved in youth work since 1979, eleven years of which he served as a youth pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in western Canada. Since July 1994 he has been involved as an itinerant youth speaker and a youth ministry consultant with STM.

…one of the best communicators we have heard.

Erik, Aaron, Alexa – Youth Pastors – RockPointe Church


The students are required to fill out an evaluation form after the retreat and I can honestly say the chapel times were a highlight.  I just recently (6 months after the event) asked the students if they remembered you and what you spoke on: their response blessed me. First off, they all broke into wide smiles remembering some of your crazy antics, but especially the prayer/alter time after you spoke one evening made an impression.

Tara Martens – Spiritual Life Director – Regina Christian School
“Spring Sweat” a 2 minute sample from Randy’s talk “The Cost of Discipleship”