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Randy Carter has a passion for student ministry, in fact he says. ”Why would anyone choose to work with adults when they can work with students?” His unique blend of humour and direct approach to truth allows him to captivate the listener and drive home the truth in a relevant and meaningful way.

In the fall of 1993, Randy Carter, a youth pastor of 11 years with the Christian and Missionary Alliance felt God’s direction to move out of local church youth ministry to begin traveling full time as a youth speaker and youth ministry consultant. By December of 1993 STM Ministries was founded as a registered charitable organization with a volunteer board of Directors to allow Randy to pursue this calling.

What Randy Does

Randy has been involved in youth work since 1979, eleven years of which he served as a youth pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in western Canada. Since July 1994 he has been involved as an itinerant youth speaker and a youth ministry consultant with STM. 

Youth Ministry

Randy’s unique blend of humour and direct approach to truth allows him to captivate the listener and drive home the truth in a relevant and meaningful way. Learn about Randy’s ministry for Students, Youth Workers, and Churches. 

Mentoring & Consulting

Speaking from experience Randy knows the value of wise and strategic mentorship. Having an experienced mentor can make your time and effort much more effective, and way more fun! 

Marriage Events

Randy and his wife Donna were so young when they married in 1981, they practically raised each other.  By inviting participants into the struggles and successes of their own marriage, they have helped to rescue, enrich and heal the marriages of others.

Speaking, Teaching, Mentoring.

Since the inception of STM in 1994, God has done some pretty incredible things through Randy and Donna’s ministry. Randy has mentored numerous youth pastors that are now empowering students to reach and care for their peers. Between Randy and Donna, they have spoken in nine Canadian provinces, and ten countries on four continents. Since STM started keeping track in 2000, they are aware of over 2600 first time decisions to follow Jesus. This is all credit to a big God, informed and faithful prayer partners, and generous and committed financial partners. We would love to invite you to be a part of the journey! 

Youth Pastors Mentored


First time decisions

Big Gulps Of Diet Coke

what do people say about Randy?

“Randy’s hands-on work experience as a speaker combined with his humorous and up-tempo personality resulted in dynamic and engaging sessions for the youth and their youth leaders. Not only were his sessions meaningful and entertaining, Randy went the extra mile after his sessions to really connect with as many youth as he could. He was available and ready to speak with anyone who desired to do so!”

Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre

“Thank you Donna & Randy for taking the time to help Brent* and I untangle the hurt we were experiencing after the love letter session. You were bang on with your counsel and both ‘got’ our issue and how we were each feeling! Your love and care for, complete strangers, was TRULY a gift from God! And your prayer was powerful and He was working in each specific way you prayed!”

Wife of 3 Years

“”Randy is good at teaching how to build a healthy foundation so people can grow in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. His presentation is easy to listen to and relevant to where people are at in their Christian faith. He adds a lot of humour, his life experiences and his genuine care for people and his love for Christ. He is well respected as a Christian leader and many look to him for answers to life’s questions.”

Rick Wengel

Equipping Ministry

“He added structure, vision, momentum and leadership to every part of a student ministry that is now strong and growing.”

Chris Wiersman

Lead Pastor, Westside Kings


 Randy Cell (403) 815-9793


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